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iOS – Battery Drain Fix / Optimization

The above video tutorial shows users how to optimize their iPhones and iPads for battery life after upgrading to iOS 10.

The following topics are shown in the tutorial:

  1. Discussion of what apps are most battery intensive.
  2. How to view your current battery usage.
  3. How to check control center for battery optimization.
  4. How to optimize accessibility options for battery performance.
  5. How to check which apps are refreshing in the background.
  6. How to optimize iOS location services for battery performance.
  7. How to modify your auto-lock settings.
  8. How to check if mail accounts are fetching too often and draining battery.
  9. A discussion of how and when to use airplane mode to save battery power.

It is important to note that whenever a new update is released there may be certain features that cause a device’s battery to drain faster.  Not all of those features will be accessible to the end-user so you may have to contact Apple if you’re still experiencing problems after optimizing your device for battery life.

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