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Calendar List View in iOS – How to Access [Video]

The calendar “list view” in iOS 7 iCal for iPhone, iPad and iPod at first appears to no longer be available but has actually just moved.

In iOS 6, the list view in calendar was one of my favorite ways to see upcoming events and to glance at a very precise view of my upcoming schedule.

The list view feature still exists in iOS 7 but instead of click on the “list” button, users simply have to click on the button that looks like a magnifying glass. Once clicked on, users will the same list view that they experienced in iOS 6.

Accessing the list view in iCal is the same on an iPhone as it is on an iPad. The primary difference between using this view on an iPad and iPhone is that, on the iPhone, the list will take up you’re entire screen. On an iPad, however, the list view will only take up a portion of the entire screen as there is more real estate to work with.

Don’t forget to turn your iPhone horizontally to take a look at a weekly view of upcoming events!

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