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iOS – Tips for Dealing with Color / Design Changes and Dizziness

The new design and color scheme of iOS has left some people asking why Apple would make such drastic changes and that the new design is hard to read and is making some users dizzy.

The video tutorial below will walk iOS users through some different tips to make their experience with iOS better and less difficult.

The fact that the primary text color in iOS is white, means that dark colored wallpapers and background in iOS will create the best user experience. If you try using an iPhone, iPad or iPod wallpaper that has quite a bit of white in it, you’ll notice that the text underneath the icons on your home screen will be hard to read.

The new iOS design also has a way of popping right out at users and, because of this, users can turn their phones brightness down (with the new control panel feature) much lower than before while still retaining a positive user experience.

Apple has also introduced a new “parallax” effect with iOS where the icons on the home screen will shift slightly when the device is held at different angles. This may be the very feature that is making some users dizzy and it definitely drains users battery.

How to Reduce Dizziness on iOS:

  1. Choose a darker colored background instead of a lighter colored one.
  2. Turn the device’s brightness down.
  3. Navigate to Settings, then General and then Accessibility.
  4. Enable the Reduce Motion feature.
  5. Exit settings and test iOS with reduced motion.

Between choosing a dark background, turning your brightness down and turning off home screen motion, you should begin to have a better iOS experience and be able to enjoy some of the other great features that came with the update.

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