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iPhone Auto Brightness Not Working – Fix [Video]

The auto brightness on my iPhone 5 or iOS 6 device isn’t working!

If the above statement is what you’re thinking right now, I’ve got good news for you.

The auto brightness feature on the iPhone 5 does work. It just takes some getting used to.

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Once you learn how it works, it actually allows for more functionality that in previous versions of iOS.

Previously, if auto brightness was enabled and the user moved the brightness slider one way or another, iOS would automatically readjust the brightness based on what it thinks the optimal setting would be.

In iOS 6, the user sets the “benchmark” for the auto brightness to adjust from.

It may be easier to take a look at the video tutorial on auto brightness embedded below, but I will try to explain it via plain old text as well.

Steps to configure auto brightness on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6 devices:

  1. Access your device’s “Brightness & Wallpaper” settings.
  2. Turn auto brightness on.
  3. Now, based on the lighting in the location you’re currently in, adjust the slider to your preferred brightness.
  4. Your iPhone / iPad screen will now automatically adjust based on the “benchmark” that you’ve set.
  5. If you go a brighter location, your screen will get brighter but only relative to the “benchmark” brightness that you’ve set.
  6. If you go to a darker room or location, your screen will dim but, again, only from the point that you’ve set as a “benchmark”.

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