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LinkedIn Tutorial for Beginners

The above LinkedIn tutorial for beginners covers all of the primary features of using LinkedIn to network and expand social influence.

LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to careers and work. Traditionally, LinkedIn has been known as a social network for “business” but nowadays, if you’re working or would like to work, LinkedIn is a must.

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Your LinkedIn profile page basically serves as a resume or CV containing your professional accomplishments, job history, education history and more.

Employers can search for possible employees on LinkedIn and job seekers can apply for jobs right inside of LinkedIn using their profile page as their resume.

The topics presented in the above LinkedIn tutorial video include:

  1. The benefits of using LinkedIn
  2. Creating a LinkedIn account
  3. How to add information to your profile
  4. How to search for companies, people and groups in LinkedIn
  5. How to search for and apply to job in LinkedIn
  6. How to interact with other users on LinkedIn
  7. How to access groups and discussions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as the conversation is almost always business or career oriented. People aren’t posting about their wedding and late night partying on LinkedIn but, instead, job opportunities or tips to make you a more valuable job prospect.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, I recommend that you create one today. Also, the more information you inlude on your profile, the more professional and impressive it will look so make sure that you dig deep and get all of your accomplishments on there.

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