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Online Typing Course – Tests, Practice Lessons and Instruction

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Typing Fundamentals by Anson Alexander

I recently authored an online typing course on Lynda.com that provides touch typing instruction and includes typing tests and practice modules for users to gauge their improvement.

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Touch typing is a very important skill to have in today’s world as so many people are using computers in both their personal and business lives. Learning how to type properly can easily increase the number of tasks that an individual can complete on a daily basis.

In the Typing Fundamentals course, I show users which fingers are used for which keys, provide tips on practicing the different keystrokes and include practice material for users to hone their skills

I also give a brief lesson on the history of typing and provide some ergonomic information to ensure that people are avoiding bodily harm when typing for long periods of time.

The typing lessons also include instruction on proper typing using a numeric keypad for users that are entering financial data into spreadsheets.

Think about how many tasks per week that you perform that require typing. Now think about how much more time you would have every week if you doubled or tripled your typing speed. If you’re still typing with just 2 or 3 fingers, this course can really make a difference and open up a lot of time for you to perform other tasks or go out and do something that you enjoy!

There are a 2 or 3 videos in the Typing Fundamentals course that can be watched for free and, the rest, require a Lynda.com membership but those of you who are familiar with Lynda.com know that a membership is well worth it.

I hope you enjoy this online typing course on Lynda.com!

Anson Alexander

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