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Google Forms Tutorial for Beginners

Google Forms is a great tool for creating questionnaires, surveys and quizzes.  Users can collaborate on creating forms and then easily share them online via email, link or by embedding them into a website.

The Google Forms video tutorial above shows all of the primary features of using and managing Google Forms.  I show users how to create a form, how to share it and how to review the results once it has been filled out.

Google Forms features covered in video tutorial:

  1. How to create a new form
  2. Adding and organizing questions and other form elements
  3. How to setup a multiple choice grid question
  4. Configuring settings for Google Forms
  5. Sharing a form once it has been created
  6. Accessing forms from within Google Drive
  7. Reviewing form answers and analytics

Google Forms offers a lot of customization options and features for administering surveys and quizzes.  When it comes to quizzes, you can actually have Google Forms automatically grade quizzes for you once they’ve been submitted.

The email address of a user filling out a form can be automatically recorded along with the date and time that the quiz was taken.

An element can be added to Google Forms allowing users to upload files – this is perfect for collecting student essays and projects.

It is not required for users to have a Google account when filling out a form. If, however, you want to ensure that each user only fills out a form once, then you will need to require them to sign in with a Google account. As nearly everyone who uses the internet nowadays has a Google account, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Google Forms integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Google Sheets so you will be able to review the answers to your surveys in Sheets – where you can sort and organize them to your liking.

Although there are quite a few form customization options available, this is probably where Google Forms is most lacking in comparison to competitors.  You can change the theme of a form, upload your own images, change the text font, etc.  At the end of the day, however, each form created using Google Forms ends up with a similar look and feel.  This isn’t a deal breaker for most but if you’re looking to create survey’s for marketing purposes, you may feel limited with the customization options available in Google Forms.

Besides that, Google Forms is a great tool for quickly gathering and organizing important information.

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