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Record Phone Calls on iPhone – Apps Options [Video]

Recording phone calls on an iPhone with an app can be useful for many different situations including training and quality control purposes.

In the video above, a review two different apps for recording calls on your iphone: Google Voice and TapeACall Pro.

Google Voice provides a cost effective solution for recording inbound calls on your iPhone. Take a look at the video review above for a detailed explanation of how to enable and use the Google Voice call recording option.

Also please be aware that in order to record phone calls with Google Voice, the inbound caller needs to have directly dialed your Google Voice number. Even if you have Google Voice setup to work with your already established telephone number, you will not be able to record those calls.

TapeACall Pro allows users to record both inbound and outbound calls for a flat time fee of $10. This solution is actually relatively cost efficient as well, due to the fact that many call recording apps charge a monthly or “per-usage” fee for call recording solutions.

Remember to always abide by the local and federal regulations in your area when it comes to call recording!

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