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How to Comment on TikTok videos using a PC

How to comment on TikTok videos from a PC:

  1. Download and install an emulator that can run iOS or Android (Bluestacks).
  2. Install TikTok on the emulator.
  3. Log-in to TikTok and comment on videos like normal.

The above video shows users how to comment on TikTok videos from a PC.

Commenting on TikTik from a computer shouldn’t be that difficult but, unfortunately, a workaround is currently required to comment on TikTok videos unless you’re using a smartphone.

Users can view TikTok videos from a computer simply by going to the TikTok website. Users can even log in and manage their account settings from a browser. It seems that the only feature not available to PC users is commenting.

Due to the current lack of a comment feature in the browser version of TikTok, the only way to comment from a PC is to use a smartphone emulator to run the TikTok mobile app from your computer.

Any emulator that runs iOS or Android should work fine. As you can see in the video, I chose to use BlueStacks because it is what I’m comfortable with and is one of the most reputable emulators currently available.

Some viewers on YouTube have raised security concerns regarding BlueStacks. It does require additional privileges to run because that is required for running emulators. I’ve used BlueStacks many times without any issue but, as always, do you own research to make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re in the grey area regarding whether or not you want to use it, remember that you can always uninstall BlueStacks once you’ve accomplished your task.

Once you’ve downloaded your emulator of choice, it is as simple as installing the TikTok app and then logging in with your TikTok account. From there, you should be able to comment on TikTok videos in the exact same way that you can from a smartphone.

If TikTok ever decides to update their browser-based platform, I’ll update this post accordingly.

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