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Instagram Tutorial for Beginners

Instagram Tutorial

The above Instagram tutorial for beginners demonstrates how to use all of Instagram’s primary features. The tutorial includes information on how to upload photos, use filters, create stories and design an Instagram profile.

Since being released in 2010, Instagram has risen to become one of the most used social platforms available. The media-centric design of Instagram has attracted users from all walks of life. Instagram can be used for social interaction, for marketing, as a digital art portfolio or for a number of other reasons.

Instagram functions similarly to other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook but relies more heavily on rich media such as images, GIFs and short videos.

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. In fact, all Instagram advertisement campaigns are still managed using Facebook’s primary marketing platform – Ads Manager. There is speculation that the messaging features of Instagram and Facebook may be combined in the near future.

Primary Features of Instagram:

1. Media-Centric App Design

Images and videos have always looked great on Instagram. The availability of Instagram filters allow users to enhance the photos that they’ve taken and express creative freedom at the same time.

When browsing profiles or looking at the current trends on Instagram, rich-media is always the main focus. Comments and text always come secondary to photos and videos within the Instagram app.

The unique focus and design of Instagram has resulted in a bright-colored social platform that many users have trouble taking their eyes away from.

2. Editing Tools and Filters

Over the years, Instagram has changed the way that humans modify and share photos. Prior to Instagram’s release, if a user wanted to edit their photos before sharing to a platform like Facebook or Twitter, they would need to use a third-party application like Adobe Photoshop.

Instagram helps the average smartphone owner feel like professional photographer. Users can choose from a number of pre-configured photo filters or manually adjust specific visual properties of their photos before uploading.

The app’s developers regularly release new filters and editing tools. Instagram facilitates social sharing while encouraging users to express themselves creatively.

3. Built-in Tools for Brands and Businesses

Social networks have been the focus of businesses and marketers for years and Instagram is no exception. Instagram can be especially lucrative for organizations that sell stylish or visual appealing products.

There are a number of tools available in Instagram specifically designed to help business and marketers reach achieve their goals. For example, business accounts on Instagram have the ability to feature a contact button directly on their Instagram profiles. Business users also have access to Instagram Insights – a reporting tool that provides analytical data regarding upload performance. Additionally, business users can pay to promote posts and reach more users.

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About the AnsonAlex.com Instagram Video Tutorial:

The 2020 Instagram tutorial above covers all of the primary features available in Instagram.

The tutorial and the information on this page will be updated as new features are released and old features are updated.

Remember to pause and rewind when necessary because the overview tutorial may be fast paced for some.

Topics covered in the Instagram video tutorial include:

  1. Downloading Instagram
  2. Account Creation / Login
  3. Navigation Overview
  4. Home Feed
  5. Searching Instagram
  6. Viewing Profiles
  7. Following Users
  8. Photo Locations
  9. Liking Photos
  10. Commenting on Photos
  11. Reposting to Stories or Messages
  12. Hashtags on Instagram
  13. Advanced Search
  14. Uploading Photos and Videos
  15. Using Instagram Filters
  16. Manually Editing Photos
  17. Adding Photo Descriptions
  18. Adding Hashtags to Posts
  19. Tagging Other Users
  20. Adding a Location to Uploads
  21. Adding Story Posts
  22. Activity Feed
  23. Profile Tab
  24. Adding Profile Information
  25. Accessing Instagram Settings
  26. Privacy Settings
  27. Change Instagram Account to Private
  28. Switching Between Accounts
  29. Accessing Instagram Insights

By the end of this tutorial you should feel comfortable using all features available in Instagram.

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