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MailChimp Tutorial – Newsletter Design

MailChimp Tutorial

MailChimp is one of the premier services for email marketing, newsletter design and customer data collection. By watching the MailChimp tutorial above, marketers can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing campaigns.

Since 2001 MailChimp as been providing businesses with email newsletter solutions. In recent years, a number of additional marketing features have been added in an attempt at making MailChimp a full-fledged marketing platform.

MailChimp is one of the best tools for small and medium sized businesses that are starting email newsletter campaigns for the first time.

There is a free version of MailChimp as well as a number of paid options. Paid versions of MailChimp allow users to store more contacts, organize contacts more easily and access additional marketing features not available to unpaid users.

The above MailChimp video tutorial covers all of the primary features of using MailChimp and is intended for both beginner and expert MailChimp users.

Primary Features of MailChimp:

1. Email Newsletter Design

The core functionality of MailChimp is designing custom email newsletters that can easily be modified and sent out to email lists. A number of newsletter templates are available in MailChimp for marketers to use depending on their marketing goals. Users can customize the different templates or create custom newsletters from scratch.

The newsletter creation system is easy to use and provides marketers with an intuitive drag and drop interface for making quick changes on the fly. Users can upload custom images, add forms to collect data and make subtle adjustments to the format and spacing of newsletters.

2. Signup Forms and Landing Pages

Encouraging new contact signups and providing opt-in forms is an important aspect to email marketing.

In addition to designing email newsletters, marketers can use MailChimp to create custom signup forms and landing pages to acquire new contacts, collect audience data and enable retargeting. Users can also design social posts and create paid advertisements in MailChimp.

These features allow MailChimp to function as a full-fledged digital marketing solution.

3. Audience Data Collection

Understanding your audience and their browsing habits is essential to successful digital marketing.

MailChimp collects audience data when readers interact with content sent from MailChimp.

A detailed reports section is available within MailChimp where users can analyze a number of pre-created reports or create custom reports using filters.

This allows marketers to segment audiences, plan for the future and analyze the success of marketing campaigns.

4. Third-party Integration

As more marketing tools become available, it becomes increasingly important for marketers to synchronize data and centralize marketing efforts.

MailChimp integrates with a number of other marketing tools including Salesforce, Zendesk, HootSuite and WooCommerce.

If you’re already using one of the tools that connects with MailChimp, integrating should be easy and beneficial for your organization.

About the AnsonAlex.com MailChimp Video Tutorial:

In addition to newsletter design, the 2020 MailChimp tutorial above covers all of the primary features of MailChimp that are currently available.

The tutorial and the information on this page will be updated as new features are released and old features are updated.

The overview tutorial may be fast paced for some so remember to pause and rewind when necessary.

Topics covered in the MailChimp video tutorial include:

  1. Pricing Information
  2. Account Creation
  3. User Interface
  4. Create Menu
  5. Managing Audiences
  6. Adding a New Contact
  7. Creating Forms and Landing Pages
  8. Creating an Email Campaign
  9. Automated Emails
  10. Entering New Campaign Details
  11. Email Template Options
  12. Designing Email Newsletter Content
  13. Replacing a Newsletter Image
  14. Formatting Text in a Newsletter
  15. Linking Within Newsletters
  16. Inserting Elements into Newsletters
  17. Previewing Newsletters
  18. Saving New Templates
  19. Reviewing Campaigns Before Sending
  20. Scheduling Emails for the Future
  21. Sending a Newsletter
  22. Viewing Campaign Data
  23. Filtering Campaigns
  24. Reviewing MailChimp Brand Tools
  25. Managing a Website
  26. MailChimp Reports
  27. Reviewing Final Newsletter
  28. Upgrading Your Account
  29. Modifying Account Settings
  30. Reviewing Account Usage

By the end of this tutorial you should feel comfortable using all features available in MailChimp.

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If you’re looking to improve your marketing skills even more, don’t forget to check out my other tutorials on social media and marketing.

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