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Verizon – Block a Number from Calling / Texting Your iPhone / Android [Video]

How can Verizon users block a phone number from calling and texting their iPhone or Android mobile phone?

You can block numbers using the Verizon website!

Unfortunately, there is no way to block a number directly on the iPhone without first jailbreaking the phone. It seems logical that there would be a way to block a particular phone number directly through your iPhone contacts but, unfortunately, it just isn’t an option.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can just install iBlacklist – available in the Cydia store.

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For Verizon iPhone users who do not wish to jailbreak their phone, you can block up to 5 different phone numbers from texting or calling for free with your standard Verizon service plan.

In order to block a number on your iPhone or Android, log into the Verizon website and then follow the steps in the above video to block up to 5 phone numbers of your choice.

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