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What is a Google Spreadsheet? [Video]

What is a Google Spreadsheet and how is it different from an Excel Spreadsheet?

A Google Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet document creating using Google Drive / Google Docs.

Generally, a Google Spreadsheet is created and shared in Google format and a Google account is required to view and edit the document.

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What should I do if I receive a Google Spreadsheet but don’t have a Google account?

If a Google Spreadsheet is sent to you, you have two options in regards to viewing and editing the spreadsheet:

  1. Create a Google account and login to access the spreadsheet.
  2. Ask the sender to convert the spreadsheet into a format that is compatible with your software (Excel, Open Office, .txt)

As discussed in the embedded video below, Google Spreadsheets are easily converted into many other spreadsheet formats such as:

  1. Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
  2. Open Office Spreadsheet (.odf)
  3. Rich Text File (.rtf)
  4. Normal Text File (.txt)
  5. PDF

If you would like to learn more about using Google Drive / Google Docs, please take a look at my 4 part video tutorial on using Google Drive in 2013.

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