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Windows and Mac Shortcut Key Reference Guide

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A computer can only move as fast as the person driving it.  When I work on my computer I love to fly lightning fast and the only way to do that is to use keyboard shortcuts.

Have one hand one your mouse and the other on the keyboard.  If you are new to using shortcut keys then use the following list to help you remember:

For Windows (The CTRL key is located two keys to the left of the spacebar):

CopyCTRL + CQuitALT + F4Start MenuCTRL + ESC
CutCTRL + XRedoCTRL + YTab ProgramsALT + TAB
DeleteCTRL + DRefreshF5Task ManagerCTRL + SHIFT + ESC
Select AllCTRL + AGet InfoALT + EnterSearchF3
UndoCTRL + ZPasteCTRL + VSelect AllCTRL + A
PrintCTRL + P

For Mac

Change AppCommand + TabClose WindowCommand + W
DeleteCommand + DeleteDeselect AllOption + Command + A
FinderCommand + NForce QuitCommand + Option + ESC
MinimizeCommand + MOpenCommand + O
PasteCommand + VPrintCommand + P
Select AllCommand + ASpotlightCommand + Spacebar
CopyCommand + CEjectCommand + E
Open ApplicationsShift + Command + AUndoCommand + Z
InfoCommand + IAdd to FavoritesShift + Command + T

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