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Microsoft Edge Tutorial for Beginners

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Edge Chromium is Microsoft’s chromium-based flagship web browser that comes preinstalled on all Windows computers. Edge is also available for macOS, Android and iOS.

The above video tutorial on using Edge covers all of its primary features and provides some tips for a better browsing experience.

Edge Chromium was officially released publicly on January 15, 2020. It has been in development for quite some time, however. It replaces Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer as Microsoft’s recommended browser for Windows computers.

Users of Google Chrome should recognize the Edge user interface as the two browsers look almost identical. You can even sync profile data between Chrome and Edge. All browser extensions that are available for Chrome are also available for Microsoft Edge.

Primary Features of Microsoft Edge

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Being able to use the same browser regardless of what device you’re using is becoming increasingly essential. It’s the main reason I’ve used Google Chrome for years and one of the reasons I used FireFox before Chrome. The fact that Microsoft Edge can run on and sync data between Windows, macOS, Android and iOS cannot be ignored.

As of the writing of this post, I am seriously considering using Edge as my primary browser on all systems – an option that wouldn’t be available if it wasn’t cross-compatible.


One of the main reasons so many Chrome users refused to switch to Internet Explorer or Edge Legacy was because they liked the extensions they were able to use with Chrome. Because Edge is built on Chromium, all extensions that can be used in Chrome can also be used in Edge.

Being able to use Chrome extensions means Edge users have had a vast array of add-on options to choose from right from the start. As this would be a major challenge for many newly-developed browsers, it is certainly a top reason to give Edge a chance.

Low Memory Usage

Google Chrome used to be the most lightweight browser available. It seems as though Microsoft Edge may be overtaking Chrome for the title, however.

According to a Digital Trends comparison of Edge and Chrome, Chrome uses more than two times the amount of RAM resources as Edge.

I have also personally been hearing many reports from users claiming that Edge provides a faster browsing experience than Chrome.


Microsoft Edge is essentially a re-skinned Google Chrome. In my book, that’s a good thing. With Edge and Chrome combined, it’s like having two sports cars with a different paint job and some customizations under the hood. You really can’t go wrong.

The similar UI and syncing ability will make it easier for Chrome and Edge users to jump back and forth between the two browsers – which is exactly what I plan on doing.

About this Edge Beginner’s Tutorial

The video starts by looking at basic browser functions such as accessing websites and moves to more advanced features like New Tab Page customization.  Other important topics covered include Favorites, Collections and advanced settings customization.  Viewers should feel comfortable with most Microsoft Edge features after watching the video.

Topics covered in the Edge tutorial include:

  1. Using the address bar
  2. Back, forward and refresh buttons
  3. Using multiple tabs
  4. Adding Favorites
  5. Accessing and managing favorites
  6. Working with Collections
  7. Syncing profiles
  8. Customizing the New Tab Page
  9. Options menu
  10. Customizing advanced settings
  11. Profile, password and address settings
  12. Clearing browser data
  13. Changing default search engine
  14. Customizing appearance
  15. Customizing startup options
  16. Accessing Edge on different devices
  17. Finding current Edge version

After watching this tutorial users should be able to navigate the web with Microsoft Edge, add and manage Favorites and customize their overall browsing experience.

I plan on continuing to update and improve upon this introductory video to using Edge and am always open to suggestions for future tutorials.

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