Education Technology Trends and Statistics 2013 [Infographic]

Information and statistics regarding education technology trends in 2013.

Education technology trends for 2013 are beginning to emerge as more education technology statistics from 2012 become available.

There is no doubt that technology is changing nearly all aspects of modern society.

One of the areas that technology is having its greatest effect is in that of education by improving, enhancing and facilitating learning at all levels of education.

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An infographic (posted below) was recently published by that highlights’s major ed-tech trends for 2013.

2013 Ed-Tech Trends and Statistics:

  1. 93% of students who own phones, use them to send text messages.
  2. 89% of colleges surveyed send text message alerts in emergency situations.
  3. 100% of universities surveyed had a Facebook account.
  4. 80% of of universities had a Twitter account.
  5. 70% of universities had a YouTube account.
  6. Many universities are offering free courses available online:

    1. Stanford University
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    3. Johns Hopkins University
  7. 3D printers are becoming more popular in educational environments.
  8. E-books continue to replace traditional textbooks.
  9. Virtual college counseling is continuing to rise in prominence.
  10. Video game-based learning is becoming continuously more effective.
  11. Educational institutions are continuing to adopt cloud-based technology.

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