Students Cheating with Cell Phones Statistics [Infographic]

Statistics on how common it is for students to use cell phones and smartphones to cheat on tests and exams in school.

The tendency for students to cheat on tests and exams has existed since the beginning of education.

Cell phones and smartphones however, have only been around for a short period of time and have definitely increase the temptation for high school and college students to use modern technology to cheat in school.

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As mobile technology continues to improve, we will continue to address the question of where the line is between cheating and being resourceful.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by that provides us with some insight on how common it is for students to use their mobile devices to cheat on tests and exams.

Students Cheating with Cell Phones Statistics Highlights:

  1. 35% of teens admit to using a cell phone at least once to cheat at school.
  2. 65% of teens report that other students use phones to cheat.
  3. 26% of students report using smartphones to store information to look at during a test.
  4. 17% of students report taking pictures of test questions to send to other peers.
  5. 20% of students admit to searching the interent for answers during a test.
  6. 76% of parents believe that cheating by using cell phones occurs at their child’s school.
  7. 25% of students do not consider the following acts cheating:
  1. Checking notes on a cell phone during a test.
  2. Searching the internet for an answer during a test.
  3. Texting friends with answers during a test.

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