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Facebook’s Effect on Student Grades – New Study [Infographic]

facebook effect student grades infographic

As Facebook becomes more and more widespread the debate on whether it is beneficial or harmful to students’ grades – specifically those of college students – rages on.

If you’re a regular follower of AnsonAlex.com then you’ve probably seen some previous posts relating the question of whether or not Facebook is harmful to college students grades or, more general infographics on what Facebook’s effect on the college experience is as a whole.

Well, recently, another study was conducted that includes responses from 1,839 college students attending public schools in the northeast of the United States. For complete information on the demographics and methods of the study you can visit Dr. Rey Junco’s post on the study.

I think it is great when infographics include detailed information on how the study was conducted and this is one of the most well documented Facebook studies I have come across. The infographic itself, which is posted below, was originally published by OnlineEducation.net.

Infographic Highlights:

  • 92% of students surveyed use Facebook.
  • The average student visits Facebook 6 times each day.
  • The average students spends 106 minutes (1 hour and 46 minutes) using Facebook daily.
  • Facebook use does contribute to lower GPAs but not significantly.
  • Students that post links and check up on friends receive higher marks than students who tend to only post status updates.

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