Should You Post to Facebook [Flowchart]

Should you post that controversial status update to Facebook?

Considering all of the people that can see your Facebook posts and status updates, there are certain times when a “should you post or not” Facebook flowchart comes in handy!

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Facebook users often forget that potential employers, family members and colleagues can see their Facebook posts.

Even when you are conscious of the fact that many people can see what you post on Facebook, there are a lot of Facebook posts that may fall into the grey area of being appropriate or innapropriate.

A flow chart (posted below) was recently published by that asks the right questions and determines whether or not you should post that questionable status update to your Facebook account.

List of items you shouldn’t post to Facebook:

  1. Expletives / abrasive content.
  2. Nude photos.
  3. Illegal activities.
  4. Anything you think of while intoxicated.
  5. Photos of an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.
  6. Offensive content.
  7. Pointless things that nobody cares about.

The next time you post to Facebook, remember this flow chart and avoid future controversy over your status update!

Should You Post to Facebook Flowchart

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