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11 Facebook Timeline tips and trick to protect your profile and enhance your Facebook Timeline experience.

Learning some tips and tricks for Facebook Timeline is a great way to make sure that your Facebook Timeline profile is as private or open as you want it to be and that you are getting the most out of your social media experience.

The video at the bottom of this post contains 11 tips and tricks for Facebook Timeline presented in rapid fire fashion.

For those of you that are upset about the Timeline update, there may be a few pointers in this video that will solve some of the issues that you’ve been having.

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Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks Topics:

  1. Change visibility of status update on Facebook Timeline.
  2. View profile as public or friend on Facebook Timeline.
  3. Set default post visibility on Facebook Timeline.
  4. Bulk change visibility of old posts.
  5. Tagging people, places and interests on Facebook Timeline.
  6. How to unlike a page or interest on Facebook Timeline.
  7. Change frequency of friend’s updates shown on Facebook Timeline home page.
  8. Control visibility of your friend list on Facebook Timeline.
  9. Create a friend group or list on Facebook Timeline.
  10. Add a friend to a group or list on Facebook Timeline.
  11. Hide Timeline and view the old version of Facebook.
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