How to Invite Facebook Friends to Google Plus [Google+]

Google Plus

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Here is the easiest way to invite or add friends / people to Google Plus:

  1. Add all of the email addresses that you would like to invite to your Gmail or Yahoo email account.
  2. If you want to invite your Facebook friends, import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo Mail.
  3. Import Contacts from Yahoo

  4. Connect the account you’re importing contacts from to your Google+ account
  5. Go to Google Plus and click on the “Circles” link.
  6. Google Plus Circles

  7. Create a circle to add your friends into. I created one called “Facebook Friends”.
  8. Drag all of the people you want to be added to Google Plus into that group (you can select as many as you’d like at once).
  9. Google Plus Circle

  10. Go the the Google Plus “Home” section.
  11. Google Plus Home

  12. Start writing a new post, or status update and @mention the friends you want to invite. They should get an email invitation within the next 30 minutes! Enjoy!
  13. Google Plus Status Update

If you haven’t been invited yet, post a comment below (make sure you leave a valid email) and I will invite you when Google+ begins accepting new registrations.

Once you get the invite click on “View or Comment on Anson Alexander’s Post”:

View or Comment on Post

On the next screen click on “Join Google+”:

Join Google Plus

If you have been invited and are seeing an “over capacity” message don’t worry, check out my post “Google Plus Temporarily Exceeded Capacity“.

If you provide a valid email address in order to comment, you do not have to post your email again the body of the comment.

See everyone on Google+!

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