An Apple Pages 5 video tutorial for 2014 to serve as an introduction to using Pages.

The Apple Pages 5 video tutorial above for the 2014 Apple Pages interface provides an introductory crash course for general usage of Pages.

Pages is a fully functional word processing application developed by Apple and included with the Mac OS X Mavericks operating system at no additional cost.

Although Pages doesn’t quite have the market share of Microsoft Word, it has nearly all of the features of Word but also includes a much more intuitive interface and user experience when working with rich media such as images and videos.

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Users of Apple Pages ’09 may be a bit disappointed with Pages 5 at first because it does not have quite as many features as Pages ’09. Apple does plan on including the missing features in future updates and has already done so with the Pages 5.2.2 update.

The Pages 5 video tutorial above attempts to provide users with a general overview of how to use Pages and a guide in regards to where all the primary features are located.

Some of the topics covered in the Pages 5 tutorial include:

  1. A glance at the different templates available to use in Pages
  2. How to use and modify text styles in Pages
  3. How to format text in Pages
  4. How to configure general document settings in Pages
  5. How to add tables to documents in Pages
  6. How to add images to documents in Pages
  7. How to display word count in Pages
  8. How to import a Microsoft Word (.docx) document in Pages
  9. How to export a Pages file into Microsoft Word (.docx) format

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