A basic Prezi tutorials for beginners to learn how to use make presentations using online version of Prezi.

The above basic tutorial on using Prezi for beginners shows users how to create presentations using the online version of Prezi.

Prezi is a presentation tool similar to Microsoft Powerpoint but one that incorporates a much different presentation style.

Prezi uses a storyboard type presenting style that is refreshing compared to the classic slide-based presentations.

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As the presenter moves through their presentation, Prezi zooms from one area of the storyboard to the next in a fluid motion – allowing the user to see the big picture and where this particular topic fits into the big picture.

The specific features covered in this video include:

  • How to create a new Prezi
  • How to use a Prezi template
  • How to add content to a Prezi presentation
  • How to add new slides or frames
  • How to add transitions / effects to frame
  • How to organize Prezi presentations
  • How to share Prezi presentations

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