How to block a phone number on iPhone from calling, texting and using Facetime right from the iOS 7 "phone" app.

Blocking a phone number on your iPhone from calling, texting or using Facetime is as easy as ever due to the release of iOS 7.

iOS 7 now lets users block a number right from the recent calls tab within the iPhone phone app. Users can also block numbers by accessing a particular contact in their contact list.

Previously, iPhone users would have to block numbers through their service provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.). Users can access their list of blocked numbers by going into their iPhone settings and accessing the “Phone” section.

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This feature has been long awaited for iPhone users as blocking numbers through your service provider often comes with additional fees and limits on the number of numbers than can be blocked.

Now, iPhone users can easily block telemarketers and unwanted calls.

The ability to block calls on iPhone in iOS 7 is one of the least talked about, yet most valuable, features that Apple has introduced in their latest version of iOS.

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