A Dropbox tutorial for beginners on how to use the primary features of Dropbox on the 2015 web-based Dropbox interface.

The above Dropbox tutorial for beginners covers all of the primary features available when using the 2015 cloud-based Dropbox user interface.

Dropbox is a file storage and collaboration utility that allows users to store and share files in the cloud.

The free version of Dropbox allows users 2 GB of space to store files. For $10 / month users can upgrade to 1 TB of storage as well as additional file sharing capabilities. There is also a business version of Dropbox available to organizations with 5 users or more.

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Dropbox is similar to Google Drive and Box.com but is sometimes considered more intuitive to use.

The topics presented in the above Dropbox tutorial video include:

  1. Pricing options for Dropbox
  2. How to create a Dropbox account
  3. How to upload files to Dropbox
  4. How to create folders and organize files in Dropbox/li>
  5. How to share files and folders with other users on Dropbox
  6. How to navigate to the different areas within Dropbox
  7. Information about the Dropbox for Gmail extension

There are a number of file storage services available online and Dropbox is definitely one of the best options. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dropbox and what your favorite file storage utility is in the comments section below!

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