How to unlike a page, activity, business or public figure on the new Facebook Timeline.

Since the release of Facebook Timeline, there has been some confusion on how to unlike a page, activity, business or person on Facebook.

There are a couple of different “liking” situations that can arise on Timeline and this tutorial should help you handle each of those situations.

How to Unlike a Page on Facebook Timeline:

    1. Navigate to your Timeline page.
    2. Click on the “likes” section in the quick link boxes at the top of your Facebook Timeline profile.
    1. Find the item you would like to unlike and click on it to go to the actual fan page.
    2. On the fan page, mouse over the button that says “Liked” and click the “unlike” option in the drop-down that appears.

How to Unlike a Read Article on Facebook Timeline

Method 1:

    1. Find the “liked” article or page on your Facebook Timeline wall.
    2. Click on the “edit or remove” drop-down designated by a pen in the top right corner of the box and click “unlike“.

Method 2:

    1. Click on your “Activity Log” at the top of Facebook Timeline.
    1. Find the event of you liking an item in the list, click on the circle icon to the top right of the list item and click “unlike“.

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