Twitter Video Tutorial Series 2013

Twitter Tutorial 2013

The following Twitter video tutorial series will cover all aspects of how to use Twitter in 2013, why it is such a popular social media platform and how users can benefit from Twitter.

Twitter seems to be one of those social networks where either you love it you’ve never tried it out. Because Twitter is so unique in the way that it works, many users never end up trying it out to begin with.

If you’re here, you’ve taken the first step to learn how to user Twitter and you’re well on your way to tweeting to your hearts desire.

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Twitter is a great tool to keep in touch with your friends, find out about the latest trends and new stories or even participate in a global online event.

This is a 4 part video series on Twitter that takes you from some of the most basic functions of Twitter to the most advanced. Specific topics covered throughout the Twitter video series include how to navigate throughout your Twitter account, how to compose tweets, how to @ mention and message other Twitter users, how to use hashtags on Twitter and how to search Twitter for breaking news and events!

All 4 videos are embedded below for your convenience.

I encourage you to bookmark, share and provide feedback on my tutorials to help share the knowledge of using this revolutionary cloud-based word processing and collaboration platform.

Twitter Tutorial 2013 Chapters:

  1. Introduction & User Interface of Twitter
  2. Twitter @ Mentions and Interactions
  3. Using Hashtags on Twitter
  4. Twitter Privacy Settings

1. Introduction and User Interface of Twitter:

2. @ Mentions and Interactions:

3. Using Hashtags:

4. Privacy Settings:

5. Twitter Header and Background Templates and Tutorial:

Twitter Video Tutorials on YouTube:

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