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Can Twitter be Used as an Effective Educational Tool? [Infographic]

Twitter Educational Tool

A couple of weeks ago I posted an infographic on whether or not Facebook is Harmful to College Students’ Grades. Today I was sent a similar infographic created by Master-Degree-Online.com.

Today’s infographic depicts whether or not Twitter can be used as an effective educational tool. Although the infographic does not cover using Twitter for personal use, it does show that Twitter can be an effective tool when used in an educational setting.

The infographic is based on a study of 125 college students, 70 of which where required to “use Twitter for educational purposes” and 55 of which were required to “communicate using a traditional learning system”.

The results show that the students who used Twitter for communication were more engaged in the class and received higher grades than those who did not use Twitter.

Obviously a follow up study with a larger sample size would really confirm the results of this original study, however, this is a great example of how traditionally social tools can also be used as educational tools. This study and ones similar to it, can really open our eyes to improvements that can be made in educational communication.

Check it out for yourself:

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