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How Reliant Are College Students on Smartphones? [Infographic]

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As we progress farther into the 21st century, our reliance on smartphones (traditionally cellphones) is greatly increasing – specifically for college students.

I’ve already posted infographics on college students reliance on technology as a whole and on what effect Facebook has on the college experience, but today’s infographic focuses specifically on the smartphone use of college students.

The infographic (posted below) was produced by HackCollege.com and gives us a great idea of just how much college students are using their phones and what they’re using those phones for.

Demographic information for the infographic is minimal but apparently it was administered to “a selection of college students” via Facebook.

Infographic Highlights:

  1. 94% of students send texts everyday – only 73% make phone calls.
  2. 60% of students “sometimes” feel addicted to their phone.
  3. 75% of students sleep next to their phones.
  4. 97% of students who own smartphones use them for social networking (95% use Facebook).
  5. 88% of students have texted in class.
  6. 25% of students have “sexted”.

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