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Olympic Rules on Social Media Usage [Infographic]

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What rules must Olympic athletes follow regarding social media during the Olympic Games?

As social media usage has continued to rise, people have begun to be more curious regarding what Olympians are and are not allowed to post via social media while participating the Olympics.

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An infographic was published at the start of the 2012 Olympic Games by SEO.com highlighting numerous statistics related to social media and the Olymipcs. One of the sections included in the infograpic (posted below) touched upon the most important rules regarding Olympic athletes and social media.

Olympic Rules for Social Media Usage by Atheletes:

  1. No postings can be used for commercial or advertising purposes.
  2. All postings must be first-person and be non-journalistic.
  3. No vulgar or obscene content.
  4. Cannot post video or audio of events.
  5. Cannot use the Olympic logo and other affiliated designs.
  6. Cannot promote any brand.
  7. Participants are liable for any posting they make that is deemed defamatory or obscene.
  8. An infringement can lead to the immediate withdrawal of guilty parties.

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