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Social Media Usage Statistics 2012 [Infographic]

social media usage statistics 2012 infographic

As the use of social media continues to grow and become more prevalent, it becomes increasingly important to look at social media usage statistics to help predict future trends.

Having an idea of who, where what and why people are using social media can help people who use social media for business and those who use it for leisure increase their social media experience.

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Fortunately, an infographic (posted below) was recently published by OnlineMBA.com that includes statistical information on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and Digg.

Social Media Usage Statistics for 2012 Infographic Summary:

  1. Facebook:
    1. Facebook has 845 million active users.
    2. The average Facebook user has 130 friends.
    3. The average Facebook visit lasts 23 minutes.
    4. 46% of Facebook users are over the age of 45.
    5. 57% of Facebook users are female (43% male).
    6. 57% of Facebook users report having been to “some college” (24% bachelors or graduate degree).
    7. 47% of Facebook users report making between $50,000 – $99,000 annually (33% between $25,000 – $49,999).
  2. Twitter:
    1. Titter has 127 million active users.
    2. 13% of internet users also use Twitter.
    3. 54% of Twitter users use Twitter on their mobile devices.
    4. 36% of Twitter users tweet at least once a day.
    5. The average visit on Twitter lasts for 14 minutes.
    6. 59% of Twitter users are female (41% male).
  3. Google+:
    1. Google+ has had 90 million unique visitors.
    2. Google+ users are 71% male.
    3. The most common occupation of a Google+ user is an engineer.
    4. 44% of Google+ users are “single”.
  4. Pinterest:
    1. Pinterest has had 21 million unique visits.
    2. The top locations for Pinterest users are Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.
    3. The top interests of Pinterest users are crafts, hobbies, interior design and fashion.
    4. 82% of Pinterest users are female (18% male).
    5. The average Pinterest visit lasts 17 minutes.
  5. LinkedIn:
    1. LinkedIn has 150 million registered users.
    2. 75% of LinkedIn users use it for business purposes.
    3. There are 2 million companies on LinkedIn.
    4. 50% of LinkedIn users have a bachelors or graduate degree.

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