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New Twitter Advertising “Interests” Feature Tutorial [Video]

A new Twitter advertising feature allowing marketers to target Twitter users based on specific interests was released today and the above tutorial walks you through all of the new Twitter advertising features!

The new feature works similar to the Facebook advertising feature that allows marketers to target users based on things they’ve “liked” on Facebook.

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Twitter is now allowing markets to serve ads to people based on keywords they are tweeting or interacting with. For example, if you’re selling tennis balls, you can choose to only serve your promoted tweet to people who have actually tweeted about “tennis” or interacted with a tweet about “tennis”.

Twitter is also allowing marketers to target users based on who they follow. For instance, if you’re trying to target coffee drinkers, you can include all people who follow “Starbucks” in your Twitter advertising campaign.

Twitter is obviously trying to improve the number of options advertisers have when targeting users.

Based on the ability of marketers to target specific users that specifically fall under certain demographics, social media platforms seem to be a marketer’s dream when it comes to advertising.

The question still remains however, whether or not social media users actually convert into customers due to advertising on social networks.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are receiving incredible amounts of traffic yet, at the same time, they are having trouble monetizing that traffic.

The new advertising features released by Twitter seem to just be another attempt by Twitter to create a profit on the second most popular social network in the world.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are regarding the “target by interest” ad feature implemented by Twitter in the comments section below!

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