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Ray Kurzweil Presents “The Sensory Effect” at the NY Tech Meetup [Video]


Ray Kurzweil presented a keynote speech entitled “The Sensory Effect” for the NY Tech Meetup this evening.

The presentation was streamed live on Gizmodo via UStream.

If you are familiar with Ray Kurzweil then you may understand why I am not going to try and reproduce everything he touched upon during the presentation.

He is an insanely smart man and, although he does a great job of explaining scientific concepts, they are often times difficult to grasp simply due to the way in which our minds work (ironically Ray talked about this exact topic in the speech).

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Here are some of the main topics that Ray Kurzweil spoke about during “The Sensory Effect” presentation:

  1. Exponential growth as a reliable predictor of trends.
  2. The role information systems are playing in the future of healthcare.
  3. Lifespan and the idea that in the near future, our expected lifespan will increase by more than a year, every year.
  4. Bio-engineered genes and gene manipulation.
  5. The biology of the brain and how parts of it are designed in the same way that many of our information systems are designed.

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