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YouTube Strike Appeal Review Turnaround Time [Video]

What is the average YouTube strike appeal review turnaround time?

There isn’t an exact answer to that question.

It depends on the details of the strike, the current status of the YouTube channel and probably a number of other factors that I don’t know about.

We can however, take a look at some examples of how long it has taken YouTube to review strike appeals for specific users.

I actually received my first YouTube strike in early 2015 and, as I explain in the video above, my turnaround time was less than 24 hours. In fact, my video was back up and monetized within about 14 hours.

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The strike that I received was a community guidelines strike. It was given to a video that I published a long time ago on how to check and see if your Yahoo email account has been hacked.

YouTube supplied a very broad reason as to why the strike was given citing deceiving, misleading content and / or spam.

Well this video is none of those, it does exactly what the title says it does, shows people how to see if their account has been hacked.

I’m guessing that maybe there was a change to the strike algorithm which flagged my video because it had the word “hack” in it. Either way, the strike was removed.

While I was waiting for my video to be reviewed, I did some research on other users’ experiences with YouTube strike appeals.

I found some users that had the strike reviewed within 2 weeks, others for whom it took 2 months to have their videos reviewed and, of course, in my experience it took only 14 hours.

That being said, my experience was the latest example I could find so maybe the process has been expedited. Alternatively, maybe there was something about my YouTube channel and this particular video that sped up the process.

I hope you found this information helpful and would love to hear about your experience with YouTube strike appeals in the comments section below.

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