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Google Meet Tutorial for Beginners

Google Meet Tutorial for Beginners

Google Meet is one of the top online options for secure video meetings. Tailored towards businesses, Google Meet functions similarly to Zoom and is essentially a cumulation of top features from the Google Hangouts platform.

The above Google Meet video tutorial demonstrates how to use all of Google Meet’s primary features.

Where Did Google Meet Come From?

Using video chat as a form of communication is not all new. Platforms like Skype and FaceTime have been around for quite a while and people have become quite familiar with them.

Video chat is, however, starting to change. No longer does a 1 on 1 video chat between two people suffice. Humans now, more than ever, need video chat solutions where many people can communicate all at the same time.

Group video chat began with Google Hangouts in 2013 and, although I was excited about the platform personally, Hangouts came before its time and fizzled out before it ever really got started.

Fast forward to 2020, add a global pandemic and, all of a sudden, you’ve got the perfect environment for Google Hangouts to thrive in. The problem is that Hangouts has been mostly abandoned by Google and will be disappearing for users anytime now. Google Meet, however, is in its infancy and will be Google’s flagship group video chat platform going forward.

Google took the core components most functional features of Hangouts and applied them to Google Meet as a group video chat solution for businesses. Google Meet can be used by anyone, however, not just businesses.

Google Meet Tutorial
Example of a Google Meet chat.

Primary Features of Google Meet

Google Meet is a secure video chat service that allows for up to 150 participants in the same video chat. It comes with all of the standard features that you would expect from a group video chat service – moderation capabilities, muting, text chat, current speaker detection, screen sharing, etc.

Google Meet also interfaces with other Google products very well. You can easily share Google Docs from within Google Meet. Meetings can be scheduled and linked easily via Google Calendar. If you or your organization is already using multiple Google products, Google Meet should be your go-to choice when it comes to a group video chat solution.

Topics Covered in the AnsonAlex.com Google Meet 2020 Tutorial:

  1. Accessing Google Meet
  2. Starting a Meeting
  3. Joining a Meeting
  4. Previewing Your Camera
  5. Starting a Meeting with a Presentation
  6. Muting Audio
  7. Leaving a Meeting
  8. Hiding Camera
  9. Meeting Details / Attachments
  10. Presenting Your Screen
  11. Adjusting Google Meet Layout
  12. Enabling Tiled View in Google Meet
  13. Accessing Google Meet Settings
  14. Changing Video Resolution
  15. Viewing All Chat Participants
  16. Using Text Chat in Google Meet
  17. Creating a Google Meet Event in Google Calendar

By the end of this tutorial you should feel comfortable using all features available in Google Meet.

Again, I will be publishing more Google Meet and Google Apps tutorials throughout the year so stay tuned.

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