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How to Completely Uninstall Applications on macOS [Video]

Knowing how to completely uninstall applications / programs on your Mac OS X computer can be very helpful in freeing up space and ensuring that there are no remnants of unused applications on your computer.

The simple way to uninstall an application on Mac OS X is to drag the application from the application folder to the trash and then empty the trash. This generally deletes the programs core files on Mac OS X and definitely gives the appearance that the application has been removed.

In many cases, however, applications on Mac OS X store information in other locations on your computer that are not removed when the application icon is moved to the trash. The leftover files can take up space on your computer – sometimes even more space than the application itself.

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Therefore, Mac users looking to completely remove an application and all associated files on Mac OS X need to use a free application called AppCleaner.

Once AppCleaner is installed, users can run the application and drag applications they wish to remove into the AppCleaner window. When a user does this, AppCleaner will search the computer for all files associated with the application, regardless of where they are stored on the computer. AppCleaner will tell the user how much space the particular file or folder is taking up and give the user the option of deleting all or some of the discovered files and folders.

This is definitely the best way to completely remove and uninstall applications on Mac OS X. Be careful when using this app with certain applications and make sure you review the files / folders you’re going to delete to avoid deleting files that you’ll need in the future.

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