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How to Convert PDF Text to Word Free on macOS

You can convert text in a PDF into copiable text to be pasted into Microsoft Word using the Automator app on Mac OS X.

Fully converting PDFs into Word format isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are third party programs on the market that can fully convert all of the text and images from a PDF into Word format but they generally cost money.

The Automator app on Mac OS X comes preinstalled and, although it cannot bring images and section styles into Microsoft Word, it can convert all of the text in a PDF and retain the formatting of that text (font, size, bold, etc.) into an RTF file and from there the text can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or another word processing application.

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Automator allows you to create small apps on Mac OS X by creating a workflow with pre-created objects and processes. In order to create an app that will convert the text in a PDF into RTF format, we need to use two different objects in the Automator app. The video above will walk you through the exact steps of creating an app to convert PDFs.

If you’re looking for a more robust tool that can convert text and images in a PDF all at once with few flaws, you may want to check out a paid app called Solid Documents as it can perform more robust PDF conversions.

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