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Facebook Groups for Schools Overview Tutorial [Video]

Facebook Groups for Schools is a recent update to Facebook specifically geared towards college students, professors and faculty.

When Facebook was first launched in 2004, it was only available to users with a valid “.edu” email address.

When Facebook finally opened up the flood gates and allowed anyone to create an account, there was a lot of discontent from the current Facebook users because they felt that Facebook no longer had the privacy and control that it once did.

With the recent Facebook Timeline update, users are feeling the same way – Facebook is taking away everyone’s privacy.

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The Facebook Groups for Schools update brings Facebook back to the old days – in a way.

If you have a valid .edu email address, you will be automatically added to the university that your email address is associated with. It is important to note that not all schools are currently featured in the Groups for Schools update.

If you click on the group for school in the left side of your homepage, you will be brought to your university’s group page.

Facebook will ask you some questions about your education such as, what year you graduate, what your major is and what dorm you live in.

Upon answering those questions, you added to the group associated with that major, graduation class, etc. If the group does not yet exist, it is automatically created and you are added as the first member.

Once you access the page of a particular group within your university, you have the option to post videos, pictures, status updates and questions. Only the members of that particular group will be able to see the posts within the group page.

The idea is to bring some “exclusivity” back to Facebook. It will be interesting to see the Facebook Groups for Schools feature will be utilized.

I can definitely see some positive implications in regards to organizing on-campus events and in regards to professors housing information and documents for their classes.

What do you think of Facebook Groups for Schools?

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