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Google AdSense Not Updating 2012

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Update 3/6/2012 7:07am EST: AdSense is now recording clicks and earning correctly for me. It also seems to have retroactively fixed the earnings report for yesterday when the service was experiencing issues. If you are still having the problem of AdSense not updating, please comment below so we can continue to monitor the issue.

Google AdSense seems to be experiencing some problems today. Many AdSense users are reporting that although their impression numbers are going up, clicks, CTR and earnings have come to a halt.

Ads are still being served on my website so I assume that that is just an AdSense reporting problem and not an actual problem with the ad serving network.

I have been experiencing this problem for the past few hours – since about 8:30 pm EST.

After doing some research, however, I found some users reporting the same problem as early as 6:00 am EST.

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As many experienced AdSense users know, this problem and similar problems have occurred in the past. It is unusual for it to continue for more than a couple hours so it will interesting to see how quick Google can get AdSense back up and running as it should.

In order to find out as much information as possible about AdSense not working, if you are experiencing the same or similar problems, please report them in the comments section below.

Hopefully all of our clicks and earnings are being kept track of and with be reported correctly once the issue is resolved.

I will update this post as soon as I find out more information on why Google AdSense is not updating properly.

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