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Google Apps User Management Tutorial [Video]

This Google Apps Admin Console / Control Panel video tutorial series for 2013 from AnsonAlex.com covers all aspects of using the Google Apps Admin Console as your organization’s Google Apps Administrator.

This video focuses on the user management aspect of using Google Apps for Business, specifically adding, suspending and deleting users. Onboarding and offboarding users with Google Apps is very easy and the “suspend” feature allows you to disable a user’s account while still allowing their data to be accessed by the organization’s administrator.

Google Apps for Business, Education and Government also allows administrators to setup a tiered hierarchy of permissions in Google Apps. In other words, one particular department in your organization may have access to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive while, at the same time, the administrator can limit another department of the organization to only having access to Gmail and Google Calendar.

The Google Apps Admin Console has undergone some major visual renovations so far in 2013 and this video series will cover both basic and advanced aspects of using Google Apps for Business all while using the new Google Apps Control Panel interface.

If you missed it, part 1 of this video series covered the basic user interface of Google Apps for Business:
Google Apps Admin Console Tutorial 2013 [Video]

The following topics are covered in part 2 of the Google Apps video tutorial series:

  1. Accessing the users dashboard in the Google Apps Admin Console
  2. Adding, suspending and deleting users in Google Apps
  3. Creating sub-organizations in Google Apps
  4. Resetting Google Apps user passwords
  5. Creating nicknames / alias email addresses for Google Apps users
  6. Restricting groups of users from specific Google services
  7. Configuring the default settings for users

As more parts of the 2013 Google Apps Video Series are produced, they will be linked to from this page.

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