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How to Access iPhoto Photos / Pictures Through Finder [Video]

When accessing and viewing iPhoto photos and pictures through finder on Mac OS X it can sometimes appear that your uploaded photos have disappeared or are missing.

Often times, users would like to upload photos and videos in their iPhoto library but when navigating to the iPhoto library in Finder, the application is either grayed out or does not lead anywhere when clicked.

Don’t worry! If you’ve correctly uploaded your photos and videos to iPhoto, they’re still there but the process of accessing them is a bit different than you probably expect.

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The most common way people try to access their iPhoto library in Finder is to navigate to their “home” folder, then to their “pictures” folder and then to the “iPhoto library” icon.

Apple, however, has made the processing of accessing your iPhoto library through Finder a bit different and, once learned, may even be easier than the method you’re currently trying!

Instead of accessing your home folder to start, you need to access the media section of Finder located on the bottom of the left sidebar.

The video tutorial below will walk you through all of the steps necessary to access, view, upload and find photo uploaded to your iPhoto library using Finder.

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