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Installing Fonts on macOS [Video]

Installing fonts on Mac OS X is very easy and can be useful when a custom font is needed for a particular situation.

The video above will show you how to find and install a new font on Mac OS X. Most fonts come in the .ttf format and can be installed by double clicking on the file itself.

After opening the file, Font Book will walk you through the steps of adding the font to your Mac OS X library of fonts that can be used in numerous applications.

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If there are any errors when installing the font, Font Book will prompt you with related error messages.

After the font is installed, it will be available to use in many application on Mac OS X including Pages, Word and Adobe Photoshop.

This also a good opportunity to become accustomed to some of the features Font Book offers because it is used to manage all installed fonts on your computer. You can even review all of the preinstalled fonts and troubleshoot any errors that you may be having with fonts on your computer.

If you have trouble deleting the install file once the font has been successfully added, check out my video on how to delete fonts with the “in use” error message on Mac OS X.

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