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Google Calendar Tutorial for Beginners

The Google Calendar tutorial above shows users all of the basic features of using Google Calendar for scheduling and collaboration.

Google Calendar is one of the go-to scheduling applications for both organizations and individuals.

Google Calendar is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, has a simple, yet powerful, user interface and allows users to share and collaborate on calendars with other users.

One of the most useful features of Google Calendar is the ability to display and hide multiple calendars at once.

Users can create as many calendars as they’d like.  For example, you can have a personal calendar, a work calendar and a volunteer calendar.  The user can then decide whether they’d like to see events from all 3 calendars at once, just events from 1 calendar or any combination desired.

This feature makes event and meeting organization much easier.

It’s important to note that you can also create public calendars using Google Calendar.  This is useful for business that would like to embed a public events calendar on their blog or website.

As a Google service, Google Calendar also interfaces beautifully with other application such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Topics in this video include:

  1. A tour of the Google Calendar user interface.
  2. How to use different views.
  3. The different ways of creating events.
  4. Inviting people to events.
  5. How to create multiple calendars.
  6. How to share calendars with other users.
  7. An overview of important Google Calendar settings to modify.

After watching the video tutorial above, you should be comfortable creating and managing events as well as performing other basic tasks in Google Calendar.

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