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Remotely Control Mac Computer with iPhone or iPad [Video]

Remotely controlling your Mac OS X computer with an iPhone or iPad is easy with the Rowmote Pro app available in the iTunes store.

Romote allows users to wirelessly control their Mac computer’s mouse, keyboard, volume levels as well as perform quick tasks such as skipping to the next song.

There is a more economical version of Rowmote available for using that are just looking to adjust their computer’s volume and / skip songs.

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The app is great for users that use their computer in conjunction with Apple TV and don’t always want to have their computer on their lap. It is also useful for presentations and training seminars because trainers and presenters can control their computer / presentation while on walking and interacting with the audience.

The mouse functionality in the Rowmote app works just like an Apple trackpad so all gestures work the same. For example, the two-finger scrolling gesture works the same using the Rowmote app as it does on a Macbook Pro trackpad.

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