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Workaround to View YouTube Earnings in AdSense [Video]

Looking for a workaround to see your estimated earnings from YouTube in AdSense even after the April 1, 2013 update?

You’re in luck! Although Google is trying to force YouTube publishers to use the YouTube Analytics to view YouTube earnings, if you drill down deep in the Google AdSense Performance Reports, you can still see your YouTube earnings as they come in.

I reported on this change in how earnings are viewed yesterday and, since then, have received comments from a lot of YouTube publishers voicing their discontent.

The video tutorial below will walk you through all of the steps necessary to view your YouTube earnings in AdSense but it basically involves the following:

  1. Access “Performance Reports”
  2. Filter by “Product”
  3. Choose to view on the “Hosted AdSense for Content” product
  4. Change the date range to your desired span of time

Once you’ve arrived at the AdSense report showing your estimated YouTube earnings, you will probably want to bookmark this page.

Hopefully Google will realize that this update was a mistake, that it is frustrating a segment of users that generate a lot of income for Google and will work to nerf the changes.

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