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Google+ as You Knew It Is Over. Is It Time to Abandon Ship?

Google Bye Google+

Google+ is all but over as Google salvages Hangouts and Photos from it's most recent failed social service. ...

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Can Google+ Provide Competition for Facebook, Twitter?

Google Plus

Google+ has been public for long enough to begin asking the question of whether or not it can compete with Facebook and Twitter. ...

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Google+ in Higher Education

Google+ in Higher Education

Some of those who adopted Google+ early have noted that it is a better fit for curriculum-based teaching than its rivals, and many educators foresee an important role in higher education - from connecting college students online to conducting PhD research - for this fledgling social medium. ...

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Google Plus One Button Updated to Allow Sharing / Commenting From Outside Google+

Google Plus One Button Featured

Google recently made an update to their plus one button located on external websites. Users can now share a post from outside of Google+. ...

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How To Search Only Google Plus Posts [Google+]

Google Plus Search Posts

Since the release of Google Plus, one of the most common questions users have been asking is, “How can I search just Google Plus Posts?” There have been a few solutions to this problem. You can go to Google Search and preface your search with “”. Using that method gets annoying very quickly. There is ...

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16 Google Plus Tips for New Users [Google+ Infographic]

Google Plus Cheat Sheet

This infographic serves as a great cheat sheet for new and beginner Google+ users. ...

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Will People Leave Facebook for Google Plus? [Google+ Poll]

Google+ Poll

A poll was recently conducted by asking using whether or not they would abandon Facebook for Google+. The poll was based on the answers from 6,237 readers. The results were staggering! ...

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Google Plus and Facebook User Statistics Overview [Google+ Infographic]

Facebook Compared to Wordpress Infographic Featured

This infographic contains statistical information regarding the similarities and differences between Google+ vs. Facebook. ...

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Google Plus User Adoption Concerns [Google+]

World Map Google Plus Users

One of the main concerns regarding Google+'s success is: "Why aren't my friend adopting Google+?" ...

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How Google Plus is Changing the Internet As We Know It [Google+]

Google Plus Revolution

Since Google+ was released about a month ago, the internet as we know it has begun to change. The internet itself is really about sharing information. Of course, there are many forms of information. There is news related information ...

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