How to Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

Delete Disable Remove Facebook Timeline

How do I get rid of Facebook Timeline?

Since the public release of Facebook Timeline there have been mixed user reactions regarding the update but one of the most common questions related to the new interface is how to delete, remove, disable or get rid of Facebook Timeline.

Although I understand why many people are asking this question, I regret to inform all of you that no matter how hard you search for a solution, there is no way to get rid of Facebook Timeline.

It is a global change that is being rolled out to every single Facebook account and Facebook user.

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There are a few ways to “hide” Facebook Timeline and view the old version of Facebook but it is important to note that those methods only hide Facebook Timeline from you and not others that view your profile. The methods to hide Timeline are discussed below.

I do have some suggestions and tips for those of you who are upset about this drastic change to the Facebook user interface.

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  1. Prepare and Protect Your Facebook Timeline Profile
  2. When Facebook Timeline was first released for developers, I wrote a tutorial on how to prepare your Timeline profile. I highly recommend you take a look at this article. One of the main aspects of Facebook Timeline that users are upset about is that, when the feature is first enabled, your privacy is compromised.

    This tutorial will help you protect your privacy while using Facebook Timeline and it will help you prepare your configure your profile so that only information you want to be available, is actually available.

    Change Visibility of Old Posts Facebook

  3. Try Out Google+
  4. I have been using Google+ since it was released for beta testing and, although I actually do like the Facebook Timeline update, Google+ is a great option for those who no longer want to be a part of the Facebook community. The interface is much simpler in comparison to the Facebook Timeline interface and Google+ integrates will all of the other Google Apps services.

    I’ve written lots of Google+ tutorials so if you’re really that upset about the direction Facebook is headed, create a Google+ account, add me to one of your Google+ circles and never look back!

    Google Plus

  5. Delete Your Facebook Account
  6. If you’re really that upset about Facebook Timeline then you can always “stick it to the man” and delete your Facebook account altogether.

    I personally have not gotten to this point yet but I know many people are considering it. Before you decide to delete your account it is important to realize that you will not be able to recover your information. If you have pictures, comments or other Facebook activity that you would like to be able to access at a later date then do not delete your account.

    Delete Facebook Account

  7. Hide Facebook Timeline Using Plugins
  8. There are a number of browser plugins, like the Timeline Remove Plugin for Google Chrome that hides Facebook Timeline and display the old version of Facebook.

    If you use one of these plugins, both your profile and everyone else’s profiles will appear to be in the old Facebook profile format. In reality however, these plugins are only masking Facebook Timeline and when other people view your profile, they will see the Timeline version.

    I advise you to be very careful when using these plugins because they really limit your ability to control your Facebook profile’s privacy and, if you can’t see your profile as others see it, you will never know how it looks to the public, your coworkers and family members.

  9. Be Patient and Keep an Open Mind
  10. There is no doubt that there are some privacy concerns with Facebook Timeline. Once you configure your visibility for past posts and become acquainted with the new interface, Facebook Timeline is really pretty cool. It allows more personalization and being able to look at your life in a timeline format is really quite interesting.

    Try to keep an open mind with Facebook Timeline and learn as much as you can about it before quitting Facebook altogether. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the new interface you may be surprised how much you end up enjoying it!

    Facebook Timeline Removal

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84 Responses to "How to Disable, Remove or Get Rid of Facebook Timeline"

  1. JohnJeremyVines says:

    "…there is no way to get rid of Facebook Timeline."
    Yet another reason to be glad I exercised option #3 some time ago. Honestly, I don't miss FB a bit.
    I tried Google+ at the outset but got nothing out of it. I deleted my account not long thereafter.
    For social networking, I find Empire Avenue (where I found this article) and Twitter far better uses of time.
    Very good article. Tweeted, Stumbled, and Dugg.

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      Thanks for reading and voicing your opinion – I really enjoy EmpireAvenue as well. Google+ is good for viral images and news stories but it isn't quite as geared towards real life friends as much as Facebook is. Maybe someone will release the be all, end all social media platform but, until then, I guess we're stuck with Timeline or whatever social network you choose.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


    2. prattzz says:

      You must be out of your brain while typing "Facebook Timeline is really pretty cool".Timeline is the biggest piece of crap Mark LOSERberg and team has come across.

  2. Terri Pattio says:

    This was very useful information and I did have concerns over the new timeline. Since reading your post, I do feel at ease.

    I have a lot of friends on there and was not even considering deleting my account, Your article has given me an option, which I knew there had to be one.

    I was optimistic about there being an option.

    Thanks for taking the time to write your article and sharing this information.

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      I'm glad my article was able to help put you at ease over the Facebook Timeline update. We're entering a very crazy time of rapid change and sometimes it can be hard to take everything in at first but if you take a step back and look at the big picture sometimes it can make it easier.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!


  3. Dimitris Papas says:

    Hey Anson, useful info, thanks!

    I'm just searching around to get info about the new timeline cause I haven't change it yet, I'm still with the old one.
    I'm absolutely on board with it, hate all that whining over it and hate to see people bitching about something we get for free.
    Anyway, I was curious about the privacy of everything on the new facebook timeline.
    So, I have 2 questions, is it possible to make it for everyone ( not friends ) to NOT be able to see anything on your profile? Just your profile picture and some info.
    And my other question, we know when facebook will change to the new timeline from itself? Is there a dead-line? or as long as I'm not changing it, it's not going to change?

    Thanks again!

  4. ko lin myanmar says:

    Go to , add and install User Agent Switcher 0.7.3.
    Restart Firefox.
    Then Tools > User Agent Switcher …. Internet Explorer > Internet Explorer 7 .
    Now you got old format from IE 7.

  5. Pit says:

    Hello everyone!
    Even tough Facebook won't allow for any users to disable Timeline once they have been upgraded, there is a little trick you can use in your web browser that will allow you to get your old profile back, here is how

  6. Blitz says:

    Damn timeline it ruined my Facebook. Who ever made it i don't like the way you change my Facebook page. i still prefer the simple one i mean the old one. And now i don't wanna have a Facebook anymore! I hate now hated my profile page! Damn!

  7. Katerina says:

    Just don't update your profile. I didn't and in a few days my time line went bye and my old Facebook was back!

  8. Sumit says:

    wow, that is overreacting really and you should definitely not try something crappy like Google+ just because Facebook is doing changes, we all have privacy issues, but Google definitely has bigger issues than Facebook when it comes to privacy. I would say that its better to stick around and watch .. you'll soon learn to like it. :)

  9. chelle says:

    @katerina can you add me on facebook and tell me how to get back old facebook. i really want it back, timeline really sucks. :( plssss.

  10. rongnon says:

    i need to remove timeline in my Facebook and i want to use my old my Facebook back. please help me

  11. prinz says:

    all of us need help because of this freak timeline

  12. susana says:

    i need remove my timelime but i need my old facebook, i dont like this time line

  13. Janie says:

    Omfggg are u serious they're not goin to make changes…Cuz i seriously hate the time line like theres no way im gonna like that its uggly and anoyin like tfff ? and this is why im goin back myspace. >.<

  14. kymi says:

    I just hate the way the primary photo appears on the tmeline! :( I want the old one ..

  15. PA1 says:

    i want my profile pic. in that way back ::P

  16. sofia makarova says:

    how do u get rid of the timeline please please please

  17. megs says:

    i liked timeline until it woldnt show my status or wat ppl wrote on my wall
    ive tried 2 keep an open mind but timelines really frustrating me and i think its shit

  18. Praveen says:

    The new features in Google as well as in Facebook is not acceptable by most of the users. They could have provided some option for old user interface.

  19. Riinu says:

    Timeline really sucks!!!

  20. Ananun says:

    Facebook was seriously starting to get out hand. Why did they continually reset my privacy options after each privacy update? So stupid. But what finally did me in was the timeline. No longer a facebooker. I hope Facebook becomes obsolete soon.

  21. cece says:

    way out of control…now i hte timeline……it was fine the way it was…they r gonna lose lots of customers!

  22. Don Kenn June Lomuntad says:

    I'm greatful to know about this information. Thanks you

  23. Keri says:

    There isn't a delete or never mind button? I just wanted to see how it would look on my page and I didn't like it too great, so I wanted to return to my previous page. What a bummer…

  24. Gamze says:

    How do i remove timeline ? i dont like it

  25. amber says:

    i am not deleting my fb so how else can i

  26. Michelle Fox says:

    Thank you for that.. it was very useful
    Do you think they''ll ever get rid of it in the future?
    I really don't like mine :/
    or make it a choice if we can have it or not!
    Thank you :D

  27. kimberly says:

    how do i take off the timeline hate it dont like it

  28. Denise says:

    If I delete Facebook, Will I still be able to turnaround and join again

  29. cpercival3 says:

    I find it hard to read any thing on my Time Line profile page it keeps jumping to the top of the page every time i scroll down to read stuff on it . How can i stop this any suggestions . I hate the new timeline for this reason it is very frustrating

  30. Denise says:

    If i delete facebook, will i b able to join it again w/old profile?

  31. bababoooey says:

    Your article could have been one sentence long… cannot remove timeline. The other parts are silly to even write. Who is going to give up Facebook and go to Google+? I would go from having 700 friends to chat with down to one. Get real. Paid for by Google I suppose?

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      First of all, thanks for reading and providing some honest feedback!

      The reason that I wrote this article was because a very large number of my readers are very upset about Facebook Timeline and have already quit. I personally love Facebook Timeline and use it everyday.

      In regards to your accusation that I was paid by Google for this post, I think if you take a look at my Facebook category page, it will be quite obvious to you that I'm not paid by Google. Not to mention the fact that Google does not pay for sponsored posts – in fact, I believe it is against their TOS.

      Again, thanks for reading!


  32. Brittany Rodiger says:

    hey I wanna deleted my timeline but Not My Facebook account can you please help me

  33. SHANNA says:


  34. Ken says:

    Gotta love the facebook suck-ups, Oh its no big deal!, who cares if facebook invades your privacy and records all that you do, its free isnt it?

    Yea, data mining is always free. when a company makes more money off of selling what you do to companies as data aquisition ,than just charging you a monthly fee which it knows will make some of you cheap bastards run for the hills.

    But, keep singin the praise of Mark SUCKERberg. Soon he'll have cameras in your house watching you take a crap so he can see what brand of toilet paper you use. But that's ok, he gave you the camera and live feed for free . Get a grip people and wake the hell up.

  35. Samantha says:

    I have deactivated my FB profile solely because FB is forcing us to change to it, once again. I can't stand the new layout and I loathe the way FB never listen to their millions of users – they always do whatever they like and we are stuck with it everytime. This last month since I've been gone from FB has felt so good – I feel liberated and will likely never go back. I keep in touch with all my friends who matter by text and email anyway just like the 'good old days' c2000 haha. I'm back to interacting with my friends in the real world! Yay! :D :D

  36. Nickie says:

    I don't like the time line at all but some of my friends do I sure if there is away for them to change everyone's to the time line then there should be way they can make so the people they don't want it can get rid of it, and the people that do like it can keep it!! Facebook is turning into MySpace and more then half of my friends just deleted their Facebook for good bc of the change they couldnt find anything they wanted on their wall

  37. Asia Valentine says:

    I hate timeline If I would of known I couldn't get rid of it when I wanted I wouldn't of got it. And its dumb that I can't take it off. If I was on myspace I wouldn't have this problem.

  38. Unknown says:

    Okay like your pretty dumb people dont like the timeline and they dont want to deleate there face book and make a new one i dident even want one i dident mean to click on the button and the bamm i had one and i hate ! So why dont you take it offf its sooo dumb ewww !

  39. alfarooqs farooq says:

    i m upsat

  40. Danielle says:

    So their is no way of deleting the facebook timeline? If you don't want the facebook timeline any more you have to deactivate your facebook and make a knew one?

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      If you create a new Facebook account it will have Timeline – there is no way to get rid of Timeline – it is the new Facebook.

      - Anson

  41. tee sharma says:

    timeline is jst wasteage nd i jst wanna my profile back plz plz plz plz

  42. Erinne says:

    my issue as well as my mothers is we and others like us are still on dial up and the new time line now makes it impossible to open it up to connect with friends. My mother and I were globetrotters so our friends are all over the world……..time line is a devastation to us

  43. Denny says:

    I did the timeline update and now I no longer have a way to open up my Facebook WHY? Do you know how I can fix this problem? I use to have a shortcut to it now it is gone!! How do I log into Facebook timeline /my profile? Thanks for any help you can give me, been trying for 48 hrs now am very frustrated!

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      It is kind of hard for me to know why you can't open up Facebook without more details on what the actual problem is but I would recommend clearing you browser's cache, trying a different web browser or taking a look at this article which addresses a problem of some Facebook users getting a white screen only at their Facebook home page:

      Hope it helps!

      - Anson

  44. charmaine grace bawik arao says:

    i really really hate timeline ever

  45. melanie says:

    Umm I have a few friends that just deleted timeline!

  46. melanie says:

    Google Chrome people I just did it, it doesn't take a scientist!

  47. Feslen Raster says:

    I actually don't really care much about the privacy issue with the Timeline or anything else.

    I hate the design and 'user-friendliness' of the timeline. it looks ugly and confuses me. I used to like FB but I refuse to comply with their forced change. I just deactivated my account and about to delete one of my promotional accounts.

    I can live without FB

  48. Ksenia says:

    I see you are a big expert on Facebook – Great! Can you please tell me how to disable the small "Share" button on my Wall – under my photo albums…? Thank you!

  49. faridahmad says:

    I hate…….hate…….hate….this(facebook) timeline,and….hate………H
    *please someone help me for remove it(timeline).

  50. dave lewis says:

    i do not like the new timeline on facebook i have deleted facebook how ever i did like the old one

  51. pheonexegg says: I have NO timeline. It does not exist for EVERY facebook user. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

  52. Belinda Sutton says:

    well if you cant remove it then you are right i will remove myself and maybe i will go back to myspace or even myyearbook.. i left them and came to FB.. but this timeline is BS… i hate it and so do alot of us..

  53. ashley says:

    i dont realy like timeline and i wish that they would of let people chosse weather or not they wanted it not just make them change it i know alot of people who deleted their facebook because there was to much change and because timeline keep freezin up.

  54. Katheryn Harper - England, UK says:

    I can see and understand where most of you are coming from, BUT, I have a DISABILITY and have problems using the regular Facebook Lay Out… but I MANAGE.

    My friend showed me HER Timeline, and I am UNABLE to use it AT ALL!!!. Lucky for me, in April 2012 – UK, I still have not had Timeline FORCED upon me (despite threats). When I do, I will have NO OPTION but to DELETE my profile, which I have had for years – almost since Facebook started.

    Others should count themselves lucky that Timeline will NOT force them off Facebook, unless THEY want to leave. Unlike them, I will have no choice as I can't manage to use Timeline.

    I KNOW Facebook is FREE, but changes like Timeline kick certain disabled users like myself in the teeth. It's discrimination and very unfair. Others can "Get used to it" people like me cannot.

    Spare a thought for people like me, and others who Timeline will REALLY affect.

  55. sahrish says:

    please please i have to end time line! in any case! please tell me :((n i cant end my account!

  56. sabin karmacharya says:

    how i get rid of facebook time line. i don't like facebook timeline. i love facebook but i hate facebook time line. so how can i get rid from facebook time line? is there any way to remove facebook time line?

  57. sabin karmacharya says:

    time line is really sucks.

  58. Senida Romero says:


  59. KARYL says:

    I understand change is good. But I personally do not like Timeline. Why can't you give people options to keep their old one or switch to Timeline? Seems like that is the easy solution!

  60. Katheryn Harper - England, UK says:

    This WORKS!

  61. seobigboss says:

    First of all Thanks a lot for sharing the topic. A few days ago my friend told me how can i change the facebook timeline. But at that time i am really unknown about the matter then i research the matter and i got the solution. The new features in Google as well as in Facebook is not acceptable by most of the users. They could have provided some option for old user interface.

  62. Russ says:

    Try Timeline remove add on. It worked for me with FireFox but I couldn't get it to work with IE9. Get the add on here

    If anyone gets it working with IE9 please let us know how you did it.

  63. A Savage says:

    I really hate my facebook timeline it's very confusing, unpractical, annoying and disorganized. There's not even an alphabetical order to find a friend in the list, Please, bring me the old lay out back. Pleaaase! thank you!

  64. Zoomer says:

    Oi Facebook team,shove your timeline up your arse.its a fucking disgrace

  65. Ali says:

    I hate this timeline. Please help me to disable it.


    I absolutely despise the timeline page

  67. Jana says:

    Hi Anson,

    I need serious help with the FB timeline! I have a 2nd FB page and cannot change my profile pic anymore with that Timeline format! I never had this problem before Timeline! I have tried many times to go through the steps to change the profile (not the cover) photo and each and every time, when I click on "Done Cropping" it goes to that fail screen that gives that HTTP500 message. I have tried refreshing the page and starting over and get the same result every time — the 500 message. I used two other computers and the same thing happens. I've seen messages to FB and they never respond.

    Also, "not facebook ad" are messing up both timelines — on my personal page and the business page! All kinds of ads are on the pages and get in the way of viewing the page!

    I was perfectly satisfied before FB changed to Timeline. It's one big mess and the misuse of people's friend network names for Facebook ads is flat out wrong!! FB needs to stop misusing its "customers!"

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      Have you tried multiple pictures or are you trying the same picture every time? If you have already tried different pictures, try removing the profile picture entirely first and then adding a new one. I have never heard of this issue before so trial and error is probably the best way to find the solution.

      Best of luck,


  68. pript says:

    Hate timeline alot. Want my wall back . . . And if u cant give it to me then . Hate u mark and fb.

  69. Praveen says:

    hello ,

    please advise ,
    i have upgraded my profile to timeline , the problem with that is only myself will be able to view the timeline profile and my friend's can view the old profile of mine eventhough it has been changed ,

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      Your profile is not visible to the public until 7 days after you've upgraded to Timeline or until you press the "publish" button.

      Hope it helps!

      - Anson

  70. charles says:

    please MR founder as u say yes but the user has his or her rights to complain if i don;t want it u have to respect this and don;t plead .don;t force no one to stay on . i just want the old one back why i can;t get it was there a contract sign with all face book people . be honest with us why can u give those who wants the old back and still have the new to others who want;s to keep it .am waiting to hear from u .

  71. Dr. Philip Thwing says:

    I have a FB page for my medical office. In the old format, it was easy to see my important information and the posts that were more important.

    Now, all that stuff is way at the bottom.

    The Timeline format is confusing, disorganized and generally awful.

    Please Anson, get the word up the corporate pipeline to dump the poorly-received Timeline!

  72. jack says:

    can we start a class action. to have face book to remove time line

  73. wildbill says:

    Timeline is the crappiest thing facebook has come up with yet! I will geive face book one week to switch me back to the old way or I will delete my account. I will not let anyone force me to use something I don't want. I might go back if timeline is ever removed after the china company gets through sueing facebook for stealing timeline from them.

  74. Dina News says:

    Hope it helps!

  75. Eloise Christiansen says:

    I need to get the games I play off my timeline that appears every day. There is NO option in the drop down box that I hit. It says–allow–hide from timeline–delete–delete game–mark as spam!! What is wrong this timeline–and why did they do that??? I have asked a few friends of mine on FB–they don't see anything like it on their timeline!! THIS IS DISGUSTING!! I've written FB a few different times and SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE–I'VE NEVER GOTTEN A REPLY FROM THEM!! Why do they have to screw with something that WASN"T broken in the FIRST place!!

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