How to zoom in and out on Mac OS X screen using keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures or by adjusting display preferences.

Knowing how to zoom in and out on your Mac OS X computer screen with keyboards or trackpad shortcuts can be very helpful in seeing hard to read text and symbols on your Mac display.

As shown towards the end of the video tutorial, users can also change their resolution settings in their preferences by doing to the display section but this may affect the performance of certain types of media because it is not the recommend resolution for the display.

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The video tutorial above will show you how to zoom in, out and back to default using these simple keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Effect
(Command ⌘) and + Zoom In
(Command ⌘) and – Zoom Out
(Command ⌘) and 0 Zoom Default

Also demonstrated in the Mac OS X zoom tutorial is how to zoom in and out using your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or standalone Trackpad.

Even when using the trackpad zoom on Mac, the only way to ensure that zoomed as return to default is by using the (Command ⌘) + 0 keyboard shortcut.

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