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The Reason Why YouTube Earnings are no Longer in AdSense

What is the real reason why YouTube earnings are no longer showing up in Google AdSense?

By taking a look at some of YouTube’s future monetization plans, we may be able to see why.

Last week, I published a video regarding YouTube earnings analytics and the blog post YouTube published in regards to why they were changing the way earnings are reported.

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In that blog post, YouTube claimed that they were trying to simply things for their publishers.

This is obviously not true at all as the change Google and YouTube have made, have made it much more difficult for publishers and content creators to track their earnings.

Recently however, I stumbled upon a multitude of articles talking about some additional monetization options that YouTube will be offering in the near future.

For the details on these new monetization methods, check out the video above.

That being said, I believe that YouTube has moved where earnings are reported to better prepare for future changes in video monetization options for publishers and content creators.

Whatever YouTube has planned in regards to future changes, it appears that they do not think AdSense is robust enough to report future YouTube earnings.

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