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Google Chrome Tutorial for Beginners

Google Chrome is my favorite internet browser and I use it both on Mac and PC. I find that it is the quickest, most appealing and most robust internet browser and has only improved with time.

This video tutorial serves as a beginner overview tutorial on using Google Chrome.

All of the primary features of Google Chrome are available on both Mac and Windows but some icons may look a little different or be located in a slightly different place.

The primary difference between Google Chrome for Mac and for Windows is that, in Windows, all of the different toolbar menus can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon at the top right of your Google Chrome browser.

Topics Covered in this Google Chrome Tutorial:

  1. A tour of the Google Chrome user interface.
  2. How to bookmark pages in Google Chrome.
  3. How to manage Google Chrome bookmarks.
  4. How to work with tabs in Google Chrome.
  5. How to clear your browsing data / history in Google Chrome.
  6. Modifying settings in Google Chrome.
  7. Suggested settings modifications for a more rich experience.

This tutorial was originally published in 2012 but both the print and video content was updated in 2017.

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